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Refresh. Renew. Refine.

Borne out of a focus on self-care and exploring the benefits and various applications of Cold Plasma technology comes Scion Skin, a series of innovative self-care solutions that is tailored to fit any lifestyle.

Sonic Refresh

Scion Sonic Refresh combines specially designed silicone bristles and sonic pulsations to target specific skin issues, this easy-to-use cleansing device removes up to 99.5% of dirt, excess sebum and makeup residue, and lifts dead skin cells in just 1 minute.
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Plasma Renew

Experience the future of skincare through the power of Scion Plasma Renew! Using Cold Plasma Technology that is revered for its unique antibacterial effects that visibly improve skin conditions and signs of aging.
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Eye Refine

The Scion Eye Refine is an innovative device that combines the latest trio technology: LED light therapy, ion-, vibration massage + heat, known to help stimulate blood circulation, generate cell production, and improve skin appearance. Learn More >>>


Eye Jona before Eye Jona after
Eye Nikki before Eye Nikki after
Plasma Cheryl before Plasma Cheryl after
Plasma ize before Plasma ize after
Plasma Kevin before Plasma Kevin after
Plasma Landy before Plasma Landy after
Plasma Mel before Plasma Mel after