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Plasma Renew

Cold Plasma technology eliminates harmful acne-causing bacteria and neutralizes free radicals caused by everyday pollution

A true game changer for improving overall skin health

Using Cold Plasma Technology that is revered for its unique antibacterial effects that visibly improve skin conditions and signs of aging, the Scion Plasma Renew, is an easy-to-use and non-invasive device that is suitable for all skin types.

Seamlessly incorporate the Scion Plasma Renew into your current regimen to improve overall skin health. With consistent use, this device, through its well-designed plasma ceramic head, promotes deeper absorption of active ingredients.

Benefits and Features

Promotes deeper absorption of skincare ingredients
Eliminates harmful pimple-causing bacteria
Neutralizes free radicals caused by everyday pollution
Accelerates collagen regeneration
Brightens and improves skin tone
Diminishes the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles
Non-invasive and painless
Suitable for all skin types
2 Modes
Recyclable ABS
Circular head for wider coverage
Auto shut off

Product Specifications

Target Area:
Face and body
Cold Plasma Skin Therapy
Ceramic + ABS
Charging Time:
2.5 hours
Working Time:
3 hours
198 x 82 x 50mm
DC 5V-1A
800 mAh


Plasma Cheryl before Plasma Cheryl after
Plasma ize before Plasma ize after
Plasma Kevin before Plasma Kevin after
Plasma Landy before Plasma Landy after
Plasma Mel before Plasma Mel after