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Our Story

Who we are

What started as a casual conversation between two friends, both moms with busy schedules who value self-care, has evolved into a mission to encourage other individuals to give themselves the care they deserve.

Scion Skin is a local Filipino personal care brand committed to providing innovative self-care solutions backed by science.

Through our sister brand, Aller Plasma, we have been advocating the use of Cold Plasma technology since 2015. We wanted to apply the same technology to introduce products that would benefit one’s overall wellness and bring beauty that goes beyond the skin.

It is our goal to deliver real results with a refreshed outlook, renewed commitment, and refined choices.

“At Scion skin, we are dedicated to make an impact beyond beauty by introducing the latest in clinically-tested solutions for health and wellness”

What we do

We offer an array of smart, easy-to-use personal care devices. The Scion Skin series can be used in your own time and phase. Each device has been carefully built and tested with the highest standards which you can safely incorporate into your everyday self-care routine.

Why we do it

To promote self-care and wellness and redefine beauty by providing safe and effective solutions backed by science